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welcome to the official 47skeletons shop!as you can see, our shop is still a work in progress, however we plan to ship out some bespoke pieces free of charge to test the wearability and durability of our products. if you are interested in becoming a part of our testers scheme, go ahead and join our discord server ♡

27/8/23 update

2 different types of jewellery will be released in september: silver plated and stainless steel - stainless steel jewellery will be increased in price, however the silver plated jewellery will be at a discounted rate. ♡

about us


all handmade items are made to be inclusive as possible most designs should fit all - regardless, they will come with extra jumprings & clasp to make the fit adjustable. when listing the necklaces, the type of fit will be included in the description, eg: tight fitting/choker or loose fitting.all items are completely unique including items listed on our website, so regardless of what you purchase, your jewellery from 47skeletons will always be one-of-a-kind.i will be taking commissions for necklaces, bracelets and any other miscellaneous accent pieces in the near future - you can either use our commissions feature on this website or shoot a dm to @47skeletons on instagram.


the jewellery is hand-made with silver plated materials, meaning it is not stainless steel, titanium grade or authentic silver - if you have hyper-allergenic or sensitive skin, please take this into consideration purchasing. stainless steel & authentic silver jewellery will be available some time in the future once we find a suppliersilver plated jewellery is prone to tarnishing if worn regularly or occasionally exposed to moisture, so its recommended to wear them sparingly/on occasion.


47skeletons was started up by myself, alex (@31angels) during the beginning of june 2023 - though it's just me making the jewellery, i have a small group of trusted individuals all over the globe to help me with customer support queries. when you contact us for support, it may not always be me responding but the message will always be relayed back to me as soon as i am available x

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the only accepted payment type is paypal. tracking number will be provided through paypal once the item has been successfully shipped. a receipt will be sent to the email provided upon purchase.

shipping info
shipping days are during weekdays ♡
selected courier is royal mail ♡

UK shippingtracked
standard uk shipping 3-5 days

international shippinguntracked
international shipping may take from 10-15 days

stargirl bracelet

silver plated chain, links & charms, stainless steel rings.



shipping prices included

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all queries & commisions can be submitted below via our contact form, if you'd prefer to correspond through instagram dms, you're welcome to leave your instagram username & we will dm you as soon as possible.

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our primary email: 47s@angelic.com
our secondary email: 47skeletons@gmail.com

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oops! this website is still a work in progress, so the page you're looking for is probably unfinished.if you have any questions, head over to our contact page and reach out to us via any of our socials.